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Hello Old Friends,

I want to report on the Alumni Association and urge you to join.  Cathy Ridley Bonds '66 (m. Wade Bonds '64) has worked really hard to get this going and has made many trips from Houston to attend functions here in Shreveport. She has made contact with so many graduates (even my parent's class) and has made countless visits to the FPHS campus.  She has organized Clean Up Days and I just can't rave enough about her efforts. 

Our class will donate a bench in honor of the class of 1967 and a tree in memory of classmates no longer with us.  Dates for installation and planting will be announced.  Please join and be a part of the entire Fair Park Family.   


We welcome any photos.  Please send to this website and be sure to say Class of 1967.  Charlie Rogers has done a remarkable job of keeping us in touch with each other and other classes as well.

If you have an address change or email change please send to Jerie Shirley Black  jerieblack@bellsouth.net and note if you want your information kept private.
All other B.S. can be sent to Mike Green mikeydee1@bellsouth.net as he is in charge of that. 

You might want to contact him before football season!



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Charlie Rogers
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