To our classmates who graduated from this earth,

Rest in Peace

Please email me should you have any specific dates that are missing.  


Walter Winiarski 1/29/2014

Michael Carpenter 9/22/2013        David Blackwell  12/4/2013

Philip Tuminello 4/7/2013         Mike Ford 5/3/2013

Eulava Thomas 6/12/2012         Ronnie Mitchell 10/22/2012    

Brenda Walden 6/11/2011         Kent Mckay 1/25/2012

Jim Adams 02/19/2011         Denson Crews 12/21/2010

Mary Garza 05/18/2010         Greg Garvin 08/08/2008              

Mike Valentine 5/16/2007         Mike Free 1/26/2007

Bill Harwell 5/18/2005         Barbara McComic 4/13/2005

Nancy Skyles 6/9/2002         Robert H. Bussell 7/27/2001

Debbie Haney 1/7/2001         Sammy Greco

Gwen Gow 3/17/2000         Randy Bryant

Gary Coco         Paul Forrester

Victor Hughes         Mike Kent

Kevin Clark

Daryl Self before 1990         Albert Sitter before 1990

Randy Turner  before 1990          Nick Bonnette

Ronnie Gardner 6/5/1983          Drew Cullars before 1980 

Danny Boyett before 1980           Verna Coleman before 1980 

Pat Russell before 1980          Ruthel Speed before 1980 

Janice Russell 04/19/1968


If you have any dates you would like to have included,

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