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Does anyone have any Flashbacks, remember any Fond Times?  Through these many years sounds, smells, and music seem to trigger  memories of those High School Years for me.  I have been emailing with Janice Oden, Belinda Meacham and talking with Tim Causey lately.  They have brought up many memories that have been long forgotten.  So email me with your Memories or Flashbacks so I can post them here on this site.  I am sure other FP classmates would like to hear about them.  I will keep your comments anonymous if you wish.  Let me start out with one or two of my own.

PS..  I know our memories of past events could be a little blurred.  However, email me with your Flashbacks, as you remember them.

Hey John, maybe we can give a prize at the reunion for the best Flashback?

Charlie Rogers:   I was commuting home the other day listening to my XM Radio.  That is satellite radio.  I listen to the 60s channel the most.  Judy in Disguise started playing and I flashed back to a time when that song was popular.  Randy Nelson had gotten a brand new Camaro RS.  We were at a party somewhere on Curtis Lane.  A lot of that was going around back then.  For some reason he had let me drive his new car.  I was with a girl friend I happen to have at the time, I think it was Becky Jenkins.   I remember cruising down the road in that brand new Camaro with Judy in Disguise blasting on the radio.   What a feeling!!!  From there I was thinking of how I ever could have talked Randy into letting me drive his new car.  I think it was White with a Black top.  I think someone rear ended him a few days later on Yarbrough Road and totaled it.  Anyone know?

Charlie Rogers:  I remember hanging out at Texaco Trials in our sophomore year.  There were a few of us that would go out there on Friday and Saturday nights.  Drinking Beer and all that.  You know who you are....   For some reason, I remember Robert Bussell riding a horse naked.  Where did that horse come from?  Does anyone out there know?

Belinda Meacham:  I remember borrowing my married sister's cars. She had a '69 green Road Runner with black interior and a red with top '69 Road Runner with a "four on the floor."   On Friday and/or Saturday nights me and "a friend" would go riding around.   Our biggest goal was to drive by Tommy Hamilton's house, pause in front, then "peel out."   I can't reveal who my passenger was, she would die.   Being the nave teenager I was, I carefully recorded all this in my diary, only to have my sister find it, read it, and never let me drive her cars again.   Shocked that I revealed my "crush" on Tommy Hamilton?   Don't be.   There were two groups of girls at Fair Park; those who admitted they had a crush on Tommy, and those who lied about it.

Karen Byram:  Just read Belinda's memory.  I too had a crush on Tommy Hamilton and should have made more of my one date with him (think we went to the Mardi Gras Ball, sophomore year).  I remember one Sunday afternoon, Leslie Connerly and I took her dads car out of the garage while they were gone for the day and drove to Tommy's house also.  I drove (without a license, I might add) because we were both too young to have a license and I was the only one who knew how to drive.  After that, her parents forbid her hanging out with me.  By the way, my parents never found out or I would not be here to tell this story.

I also have many memories of Janice Oden, Janice Zanovich and me piling into Denise Olivier's Carmengia and going anywhere and everywhere on 50c worth of gas.  Janice Oden's grandmother worked at the Sunset Drive In Theater and would let us in free so many times that was our destination.  There was sometimes beer involved so can't say we always stayed out of trouble, but we had a lot of fun and made a lot of great memories!!


Janice Oden:  I remember running around in Denise Olivier's Cosmopolitan (wow, it was almost like today's Mini Cooper - we really were cool!) with Denise, Karen Byram, and Janice Zanovich.  We cruised from the Fair Park Dairy Queen down Mansfield Road to the Ko Ko Mo, and then around the back roads to the Woodlawn Dairy Queen.  We just wanted to be seen!  Of course, you could not resist the onion rings at Ko Ko Mo, and the cheeseburgers and VDPs at Dairy Queen were the best!  I also occasionally remember going into the rougher part of town to Herby K's to have shrimpbusters and beer.  They never checked your age if you ate and drank in the car.  I remember when Karen and I helped Lynette Lenard run away - we were so bad!  Well, I guess I will admit that I too had a crush on Tommy Hamilton, and I think Belinda said it right when she said most of us did have a crush on him.  I remember that my parents would not let me attend one of Belinda's slumber parties (I think I was always too grouchy the next day), so the slumber party decided to wrap (or roll) my house.  Well, we had a million trees, and Belinda's party had about 15 people.  They stopped at the gas station at the corner of Greenwood Road and Buncomb Road, and helped themselves to the toilet paper from the restrooms.  What they did not see was the policeman who saw them.  He let them get to my house, scatter around the yard and start throwing the rolls into the trees.  Then he turned on his flashing lights and they ran like crazy.  When they were all finally found, he made them come into my house and deal with my dad.  It was so embarrassing!  Someone ripped their pants open on the barbwire fence, but I do not remember who!  Does anyone remember the last day of school and Crystal Lake?  Probably not, since we all had too much to drink! 

Charlie Rogers:  I was trying to remember the name of that lake the other day.  I was there with a group of guys on the last day of school.  That was the first time I ever had Pepper Spray used on me.  For some reason we got into it with the security guard.  I had to sneak out of the park in the trunk.  Hey Janice, I know that little car ran on Vodka and Southern Comfort most of the time, but it wasn't a Cosmopolitan.  You know the drink from Sex in the City.  You were real close.  The name of that little car is Metropolitan.  Here is a link to a Metro site http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Garage/7896/metropol.htm.  Kinda cute,  I wouldn't mind having one of those.

Karen Byram:  Janice Oden, do you remember what else you and I used to "help ourselves" to at the gas station on the corner?

Janice Oden: Karen Byram - I am so sorry - I guess it is an age thing! - I do not remember anything but the toilet paper for rolling houses.  Please refresh my memory - it must have been good for you to remember!  Do you remember the time we rode to Wallace Lake with Daly and Ottis in record breaking time?  I did not know that Wallace Lake was so close!  You know we are only alive today by the grace of God!  Does anyone remember the Brimstones Band with Kevin Monroe, Robert Faust, Bill Oden, Danny Faust, James Boykin, and do you remember all the wonderful dances at the CYO on Saturday night - this may be more of a junior high memory than high school.  Wow, I do have a good memory!

Belinda Meacham: I remember the end of school at Crystal lake. A bunch of guys were going to throw me in the lake (I could not swim at the time, could water ski, but not swim) and my very closest favorite bud Kenny Martin came to my rescue. I love that guy, still.

John King:  Ron Tuminello (FPHS class of 71) and I were talking about the Brimstones just the other day.  He sent me the attached picture.  The players are (left to right on top right photo):  Kevin Monroe, Bernie Faust, Bill Oden, Danny Joy, Robert Faust and Pat Bryan.  Ron (rontuminello@tmrex.com ) later on replaced Pat Bryan on Bass.  Kevin Monroe ( KMONROE4@cinci.rr.com ) recalls that the makeshift stage was at a Battle Of The Bands at Shreve City .  Ron recalls that the Brimstones really had good equipment back then.  Look at all those Fender and Vox Amps!  Bernie Faust played a Gretsch guitar.  Pat Bryan played a Hofner Violin Bass of Paul McCartney fame, it cost about $1200 back then which was untouchable for the common man, but his rich grandmother bought it for him.  These are great pictures.  Good stuff.  Click here to see the Brimstones  Small Version,  Brimstones Large Version.  Other single pictures,,,, Brim 1 and Brim 2.

Julie Brown:  Hey Karen, Janice & Belinda, We need to start a Tommy Hamilton fan club.  I had a crush on him at Judson Elementary School...must have been the second and/or third grade.  He was REALLY CUTE!!
Most of my memories relate to driving the route between Dairy Queen and Ko-Ko-Mo my sophomore year with Gail Herbert, Gail Norris and Debbie Jordan.  We would each pitch in a quarter and drive around all night.  We never had an ice chest and drove around drinking hot beer.  

Herman Griese:  Update:  In 2002 I retired from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game after 21 years as a wildlife biologist.  I am now working as the wildlife biologist for Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage .  A couple exciting projects I'm working on include documenting patterns of bird activity at night over the airfield using avian radar technology and the second is a brown bear population study. We have two daughters, Katlyn and Lauren. Our eldest daughter is a freshman at Western Washington University at Bellingham , WA .  Her sister is a Junior at Palmer HS. My wife, Linda (Gilbert) of Geraldine , AL , is a pre-school teacher in Palmer. A recent Photo.  Click here: Griese Family

Lynette Lenard: Uhh - hello you two, since Janice cc'd me on the email to you, Charlie- I felt like yall were talking about me while we were all in the same room.  Janice, after talking to you - during the evening I had so many memories of when we were friends. I remember the first day of high school, you were coming down one of the stairways and I was walking past the stairs - we were both just trying to find our way around and when we saw each other we just were shocked and happy to have run into each other in that big ole school.  Charlie, I remember when you and Robert first moved to Western Hills, you were so cute, I think we were what, about 12?  You asked me if people French kissed here.  I don't remember my answer but whatever it was, the truth was no one had ever kissed me yet period.  I thought you were Mr. Experience!

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