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Mac Groves: I am very late sending this out but I spent the summer many miles from home; in fact, many miles from the nearest computer. We were building a lake house in NE Texas/SE Oklahoma (roots) and returned  home only a week ago. The day after the reunion I wanted to write everyone and thank them for the hard work and the wonderful experience and am only now getting down to doing so. Thanks to all of you - the organization was top notch, the decorations were memorable (I looked for my car the next morning just for a  souvenir but I guess someone else had the same idea), the food was wonderful and, most of all, the time to really soak in and renew old friendships and relive all that growing up we did was fantastic. I so appreciate your faithfulness in pulling us all together regularly and, I expect, everyone else who ended up far away  from  Shreveport does as well. I think everyone in the world needs to go to their high school reunion - it keeps you humble; reminds you that you're not the only one in the world with that particular set of joys or sorrows; you leave with that special perspective of who and what you really are, even if you've forgotten it; and you get awfully grateful. Up here in chilly northern Arizona, I am the only Louisiana boy most people ever meet -- certainly, the only one from Shreveport. It makes me kind of exotic, especially to my students. But I wouldn't change it for the world. If our paths don't cross for another five years, I wish you all the very truest regards. God Bless Mac

Beckey Huffman: Reunion Feelings. I second what you, Debbie Shelton, Belinda, and Jackie said-we do share a true bond unlike any I've ever seen from a high school with a class as large as we had. Everyone truly cares about each other. This was evident when we faced the possibility of an injured friend (or inebriated ones who needed rides home). Maybe it's because many of us went all the way from elementary, junior high, and high school together...although, it's funny. Even though I considered myself a wall flower (nowadays called a geek-definitely not in the popular crowd), I've always felt that we were true friends. I treasure our time together and look so forward to the 40th. It's great to know that no matter how much we age, we are really just growing old together. "Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be" Robert Frost. I thank all of my good friends for coming-you are what make our reunion the event to live for. And, finally, we did get our Hillside Village carpool names right! The photo is priceless to me. Thanks, also, to Landa Bell for hosting Brownie Troop 48's reunion. You are my real sisters! May we all be in good health for the 40th.

Anne Robinson Strickland:  I was looking at our 35th reunion pictures today on the website.  We sure had fun, didn't we?  I wanted to tell everyone that was there how wonderful it was to see each one of you again.  My life has changed in many ways since I have left Shreveport so long ago, but when I return "home" on that rare occasion, I rediscover that I am much the same person after-all.  It was great to see that you all haven't changed, either.  Thank you all for the great night - it was special.

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