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Janice Oden: The "Cat Woman" - I remember very well.  We did go down there to try to see her quite often!  I guess we were easily bored, or liked to drink and that was our adventure.  I do not even remember who I went down there with, just a lot of different people I guess. I did actually see her once, and it was really sad.  I don't think I ever went back after that because she became very real at that point.  She was extremely old and all bent over.  But - it was fun for quite a while!  Does anyone remember the teacher that was fairly deaf?  I remember having her for English, maybe my sophomore year, and study hall.  If she was concentrating on some papers or distracted by anything, we would get up and leave class.  If she did not see you leaving, she never heard the door close when we went out.  We made quite a game out of it, helping to distract her so someone could leave.  I think her name was Ms. Watts, maybe?!  I remember the English class was on the first floor facing the gym, and with the windows open, several of the guys would just jump out of the windows, and she never knew it!  We were so easily entertained!! Patti, I remember the Arrowettes and getting demerits very well!  Karen Byram and I got demerits quite often.  We would stay after school and march around outside with our hands on our hips.  It was worth it!!  It was fun to get the demerits just to irritate the officers of our squads!  I really enjoyed all the years of the Arrowettes - great fun, great friendships, and great memories! 

Lynette Lenard:  Was it English class? If so, I think her name was Miss Singleton or Singley, and the boys really gave her a bad time.  John Fulco and I also got in trouble for talking a lot in her room so much so that one time we had a substitute and she left a note telling the sub not to let John and I sit together.  Is that the class you’re talking about?  

Belinda Meacham:  Arrowettes—Oh yea, I remember the summer before our senior year in the hot gym.  Robbie Netherton was trying to corral us (she is still unsuccessful with me and my YaYas!) and out of boredom (back then we didn’t know it was A.D.D., we were just mischievous) I decided to “try on” someone’s contact lenses.  Does anyone remember whose they were?  I remember Robbie and Mrs. Smelley stopping everything to help the idiot girl get the contacts out of her eyes.  I never understood why Mrs. Smelly-belly did not like me!  Is all this starting to sound like,” I remember…….. one time…………., at band camp,……..”  ??????  What if we just flashback to the 20th reunion?  Does anyone remember Denise Olivier standing on the table and diving into the dancing crowd and landing on me and Danny and taking us all to the floor?  Did anyone find my ruby ring that night?  I never found out where it flew to!

Lamar Wilson: Yeah, Lynette I think it was Singley, but, I also had Singleton in my head.  I just remember the class was fun.

Marilyn Williams: I was  wondering if Kenny Martin remembers the many nights we watched the submarine races at Cross Lake Landing.     

Bill Eley: I have several fond memories (of the few memories left in my brain).  One summer, Tommy Alexander conned a Dodge dealer into letting him "test drive" a yellow, '69 Super Bee, which he brought up to the Cross Lake Swim Club - and promptly ran out of gas... He was the coolest guy there - until then, when he had to call the dealer to come pick up the car.  I also remember going over to the Cross Lake Bar, and giving Curtis (rest his soul, I'm sure) some money to go in and buy us some wine or beer. He was always there, out front or on the side, every night. I'm pretty sure MD20-20 was the drink of choice.  Oh, and how could I forget - State AAA Baseball Champs in 1970!  I would also like everyone who ever spent at least some time at Willow Point to admit it. 


Beckey Huffman: From Hillside Village, there were 4 of us regulars who carpooled to Fair Park everyday.  Landa Bell, Kay Karr, Debbie Jolley, and myself. Debbie Jolley drove a very, very, very old English sedan, yes, with the steering wheel on the left side. Picture this-there were NO backseats!!! Whoever got the backseats (and, I seem to remember being assigned to the "back"), sat in folding party chairs that rocked and crashed at every turn. (Remember now, this is before we had seatbelts). We must have been a sight to behold...which is exactly what a Shreveport policeman said when he stopped us one time. In fact, he was laughing so hard, he didn't give Debbie a ticket-not that we were doing anything illegal... Cheerio's to the Hillside Village Carpool!

Another flashback...Indian Teepee building in my backyard with the ROTC Drill Team sleeping in my backyard that night...not that any of us actually slept since we were painting the burlap all night. I'm sure that my neighbor Principal Brantley didn't get any sleep that night either.

Reading about Mr. Tubbs...Monica and I were always running to the printer and the car just made an automatic detour at El Chico's, imagine that! Is El Chico's still there? Monica Fairbairn, are you still there?

Sam Crouch: The flashbacks that are soooo memorable to me were the Friday and Saturday nights we spent partying down at Texaco Trails. It was a perfect hideaway from the authorities and the secluded woods allow teenage misbehaving where no one got hurt. ( mostly). Drinking beer, bond fires, listening to Led Zeppelin......teenage boys becoming  men. Great outlet. Some of the guys I remember being there were Curt Clemens, Trey Lovett, Bob Loftin from Woodlawn, Philip Clancy, Carold Copeland, Kenny Martin, sometimes DelRoy Chandler, Robert Butler, Mike Ebarb. ( Many of that same gang went on to collage together) There were a bunch of other guys there as well from older classes....but I can't remember all their names. It was a hoot. We had friend-girls that were part of the gang. There was no sexual activity ( we tried) but the girls were just part of the gang and held their own and gained respect because of that.  ( I won't say the gals' names, but they know who they are) We would go skinny dippin' in the Lake on hot summer nites. Magical times in the south, piney woods, sandy dirt roads, the sound of cicada ( locus) in trees. At the time, I don't think we knew how special our escapades were. We were just out to have fun and entertain ourselves. Great memories.


Beckey Huffman: I've got a riddle for all you Sophomore year Arrowettes: Debbie Shelton was crazily cheering at a football game, jumping up and down and doing sommersaults in the bleachers when, all of a sudden, she lost something. Anyone remember what it was?

Janice Oden: Flash Forward to 2005, A.A.A.D.D.-Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder, continue

Marilyn Williams: I remember, but I am not going to say

Patti Scheen: Becky- I very much remember that big event of the night!!  That's a moment that will forever be etched in many of our minds- Debbie was definitely displaying that ol' FP Arrowette spirt and ................... well-- yes- we do remember that night!! hahahaha

Becky Huffman: This goes to show how "old" my memories are. I stand corrected about the Hillside Village Carpool. Please update the names, as per Landa Bell's e-mail!!!!  Hey Beckey- I just read your memories- I thought that Kay Karr's car  was the old one with the chairs in the back seat and - I do not remember Debbie Jolly-  It was Susan Byars in the carpool. Oh my gosh !!!

Belinda Meacham: Oh yea, Becky, we all remember how that “item” took wings!  Maybe that’s where the manufacturer got the idea!  Later in life, I was with a group of crazy friends riding the water rapids ride at Six Flags when one of my friends lost the same thing!  Wonder what they thought downstream.  Debbie hasn’t changed much, by the way.  We are all as immature as ever when we get together.

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