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Susan Byers: Okay Becky Huffman, you've got the carpool "population" wrong!  I was in the carpool and was with you in Kay Karr's car when we got stopped.  Landau Bell's car had fins!  I can remember you coming out of your house with rollers in your hair.  I was sitting in front of Debbie Shelton on that "memorable" night in Ruston.  I will NEVER forget that incident.  I cannot remember who it was but someone (male) would throw my apple back and forth across the choir room every day during A choir.  We had so much fun in there.  There are several of you who still owe me BIG for counting you present when you weren't (I took Riche's roll).  My very first memory of Fair Park is that Faye Smith and I got put in our very first class there (1st period and all) in a class of all seniors but us!  We were intimidated at first to say the least but it turned out to be a blast and Faye was able to break a couple up and go out with one of those senior guys.  And yes, Faye and I are still very best friends!  I remember Lucinda Bates, Martha Lennard and I driving all over a neighborhood near Shreve City chasing some Captain Shreve guy named Chris!  Lucinda, are you out there?  That was hilarious - then we "caught" him we sure didn't' want him! Charles Leach, Faye and I used to go see the "cat" woman regularly.  I have written Charles and "begged" him to come to the reunion - maybe some of you have more influence???  Try! Does anyone remember Mrs. Waterman's Chemistry class? (Wonder bread woman) - Tommy Doreen hung a chair out of the window one day and she never knew it (we were on the third floor) 
Ann Ingram: Hey Pattie!!!! Do you remember a dance we were at, must have been homecoming or it was at the American Legion Club...I don't remember who your date was, but I was with Ronnie and he had had too much to drink...of course, and dropped to the floor doing the "alligator"  I was soooo mad I walked off to the girl's bathroom and you came and got me...Do you remember that?  I can't believe he could drive me home!   Boy of Boy!

Patti Scheen: Ann, I do remember that night!  What a night!  It was fun and Ronnie was in a world of his own- haha-  He was laughing so hard all the while doing the alligator- ha!  We did  have so much fun!. I'm expecting my first grandbaby so don't know if I'm going to make it to the reunion- sure hope so!  Baby Madeline hasn't come yet- she's due around that time. We'll know more tomorrow- 8th. Would love to get together again.

Dana Mills: Sharon, I've been blamed for a lot of things in my life and probably deserved most, but if I'm in any way responsible for what Jack is accusing me of, I sincerely apologize.  Hey Charlie, I'm surprised any of us remember going to Texaco Trails, Al Turner and I found a dead cow out there once but you must have had a really good night when you saw Bussell on a naked horse! (not to surprising though).

Debbie Shelton: Well, here goes....I remember Mark, Delroy and some others pulling off my short wig (the ones that were popular in those days) and not giving it back, so I had to check out and go home. The same little group also tied me to the Coca-Cola truck in front of the school with the ribbons on my dress. The driver had to help me get out of that mess. I also remember, Belinda and myself racing to the lunch room from general math everyday. I always thought Belinda was as dumb as me because she took general math. Turns out she wasn't, but it made me feel better. I remember Vance Smith and his group put a giant (yes, GIANT) billboard sign in my yard that read "Welcome Cotton Pickers." My dad almost had a heart attack. Oh yes, Ronnie Gour gave me Exlax and I had to go home again. Arrowettes remember us making our own pompoms. I never had handles on mine and the wood fell out. I think I got a few more demerits. Boy, did we have a great time! You all were the best! Marilyn (Williams), Robbie (Netherton), Patti (Scheen), Belinda (Meacham), Brenda (Hammons), Bozo "Sandra" (Raines), and myself still have a slumber party once a year. Bozo (Sandra) doesn't make it through the night and her snoring is annoying. It's just like old times continued. See you at the reunion!

Vance Smith: On the flashbacks- Robert, lets just say he borrowed the horse from an area near the Texaco trails. But, I don't recall him being naked- no shirt and shoes I do remember! Maybe he got naked after some of us left- Thank God!

Belinda Jones: Charlie, I have already heard from a couple of people on email following the reunion.  One was not there, so I told her what she missed.  She and I are going to lunch today.  The other one was there.  She and I haven’t seen each other in years but found out we live within 1 mile of each other.  We will rekindle that friendship.  I also, quite by accident, did some business while there!  Janice did break her wrist.  Because of some preexisting problems, the break is more complicated (take your calcium!!!).  Some of my YaYas spent the rest of the reunion evening together---we stayed up till 5 a.m. laughing and reminiscing and talking about who we missed that was not at the reunion and how MUCH fun they would have had, as we did, if they had been there.  If you post anything on the web site, PLEASE be sure to tell people not to miss anymore reunions---no matter what crazy ideas they may have----we are all a bit older, some of us have gained a “little” weight, some of us have changed hair color, some of us don’t have as much hair to color, some people look even better than they did in high school (will Cynthia Martin, Kenny Martin, Becky Huffman and Pat Galien ever age ?), but we all have common ground and we ALL have so much fun when we get together.  I appreciate all your work on the website, I appreciate the tremendous amount of work the committee did to prepare for such a wonderful event, and I appreciate all the hard work people like Jackie Schreffler and Ludy Maxwell do with the decorations.  I know it’s all more than a couple of meetings and putting out some table decorations----I know how MANY meetings, buying, making, storing, decorating, cleaning up, storing again, etc. it takes to put on a production like Friday and Saturday night takes.  I know everyone who was there appreciates and understands the tremendous effort it took from all these dedicated people, and I hope they will take the time to tell them.  Charlie, most of all, thanks to you for making me understand how much fun I would have-----if I just showed up.  I love all the men and women of the Fair Park class of 1970---we have a bond that can never be broken.  I hope we can use the website as a communication tool.  It was a pleasure to meet your wife.  I hope the spouses enjoyed the reunion half as much as we did----I know mine did! I love you!

Debbie Shelton: The reunion was the best ever. I've just returned home from a week with my son Chad in hot and dry Arizona.  All I talked about was the reunion and how we danced all night.  Several of us at the reunion agreed we should keep in touch on the web.site and get together more often. Although it may take 5 years to recoop from each reunion if there anything like this last one.  It was great to see everyone, kind  of like we picked up where we left off.  It was great to see of course the yaya's,  and Vance Smith and his wife.  I'd like to know where was Susan B., Marilyn D., Robert C., Tommy H., Mark S., Delroy, Greg G., Martha L., Susan Byers, Bozo, Mike F., Phillip C., Beth, Ann and Terri G.?  There are so many more we missed and hope you'll be at the next reunion.  I second what Belinda said the committee that organized the reunion did an outstanding job!!!!!!!!!!!! To Janice Z.., SORRY ABOUT YOUR WRIST.  Thanks everyone for the great friendships, memories and fun.     Debbie (Shelton) Melton

Jackie Shreffler:  Now that I am having withdraws from the reunion. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  My toes were numb the next day. You can tell I love to dance. The Walkers Street Band was great. We worked them hard I know, they usually take more breaks. Thanks to John and his band. I want to thank all Indians for the pleasure Ludy and I had doing the decorations for our 35th reunion.  But next time we need some help. Yes, it was hard work but I love doing it. The car theme took more than I thought but when I have a theme, I have to do it.  If yall were wondering what those things on the table were,  they were little fires by the Teepee.  I found the picture of the KO-KO-MO at the L. S. U.  library. The Dairy Dream picture was on a web site.  Randy Nix made the signs.  I am sorry Julie and Randy were not able to be there. They were missed and no one did his dancing on the table. Maybe the 40th. I think we have something no other class has. Thanks to all the Girl and Boy friend memories.  I treasure each and everyone. You'll always be something special to me.  I will never forget all the good times we had. Remember if you need prayer or just to talk, I am just email away.  Friends Forever, LOVE TO ALL, Jackie Shreffler Smith 

Mac Groves: I am very late sending this out but I spent the summer many miles from home; in fact, many miles from the nearest computer. We were building a lakehouse in NE Texas/SE OKlahoma (roots) and returned  home only a week ago. The day after the reunion I wanted to write everyone and thank them for the hard work and the wonderful experience and am only now getting down to doing so. Thanks to all of you - the organization was top notch, the decorations were memorable (I looked for my car the next morning just for a  souvenir but I guess someone else had the same idea), the food was wonderful and, most of all, the time to really soak in and renew old friendships and relive all that growing up we did was fantastic. I so appreciate your faithfulness in pulling us all together regularly and, I expect, everyone else who ended up far away  from  Shreveport does as well. I think everyone in the world needs to go to their high school reunion - it keeps you humble; reminds you that you're not the only one in the world with that particular set of joys or sorrows; you leave with that special perspective of who and what you really are, even if you've forgotten it; and you get awfully grateful. Up here in chilly northern Arizona, I am the only Louisiana boy most people ever meet -- certainly, the only one from Shreveport. It makes me kind of exotic, especially to my students. But I wouldn't change it for the world. If our paths don't cross for another five years, I wish you all the very truest regards. God Bless Mac

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